Advantages of Having Personal Website

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Employers sift through thousands of job applications, hoping that a few stick out from the massive stack of resumes. As a job seeker, this harsh reality can be daunting. Employers have a variety of applicants, so how can you stand out?

One suggestion is to create a personal website. Nowadays, you don’t need to know how to write code to make a strong website. You can get a fully-optimized, custom website with your own domain name that is likely to impress future employers.

  1. Websites are online resumes that aren’t limited to the platform

    You could use LinkedIn as your online resume, but then you’ll be limited to (and easily comparable on) LinkedIn’s format and tools. With a website, you can design the resume any way you like, with interactive links, galleries and different sections for your work. When someone finds you, they’ll have an instant, visual representation of who you are.

  2. You can add a portfolio, not just work history.

    An online portfolio is simple to create, visually appealing and gives potential employers easy access to see your work and accomplishments. If you work in a creative field, employers are much more likely to review an application with a portfolio. Online portfolios provide high quality images, videos and interactive text to showcase past work.

  3. A website makes you seem like a big deal.

    Most people don’t invest in their own websites unless they have their own companies, or are considered public figures like authors, musicians and political leaders. Having your own website means you take your career seriously and are investing in your professional development. Someone who has a website can be perceived as more experienced and credible than someone who does not.

  4. A blog can showcase your knowledge.

    You can include a “Blog” section. Whatever your professional expertise, writing informational blogs to show potential employers how much you know and how well you communicate through writing. A blog can also add a personal touch when employers are flipping through resumes and reading about your credentials.

Once you have a personal website, you might be surprised at the results you see at your next interview or networking event!

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